what's included

We get it. You're busy actually running your business and getting sh*t done! 

Social Media isn't always the number one concern when you're running numbers and ordering inventory. That's why we are here

We are here to lend an extra pair of hands and eyes. It takes a lot more than taking some attractive photos and writing a catchy caption for social media to have an actual impact on your business. 

We have been working with our clients since 2016, creating and curating the perfect social media plan to make an impact.

Let us improve your company's overall image/brand, increase your sales, and reach more potential clients!

why hire a social media manager?

It is no longer acceptable for any size business to not be present on social media. Hiring a social media manager is an investment in your business with enormous benefits. 

A mistake many companies make is having an existing employee run their social media efforts. You're better off hiring a social media expert to manage these tasks for several reasons. 

A professional social media expert creates a strategic plan to help your business get the most out of your social media presence. A social media manager holds the responsibilities that they are solely accountable for:



Social Content Creation


Physical Social Media Posting


Social Campaign Development


Reputation Management


Dedicated Social Media Manager


Potential Customer to Business Messaging


Monthly Performance Reports

  • Consistent Social Content

  • Responding to Social Messages

  • Boost Brand Engagement

  • Generate New Customers

  • Recruit New Employees